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Simple overview of your favourite things

Our simple and clean user interface gives you a one of a kind experience of your smart home, adapting to your habits and routines.

Automate your daily routines with the #1 automation tool

Three simple steps to automate almost any of your daily routines.

A smart home with security

Give eyes to your smart home security. With support of thousands of IP-cameras you can choose the camera you want. Watch the camera images directly through the Animus Heart without the need of a cloud.

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Finds easily

Easy search and find of your smart home products directly from the app. Search automatically or follow simple guides.

Your home - Your data

Animus Heart is engineered to keep your home private and safe at the same time. The whole system and data is managed on your device without being sent to an alien cloud server.

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Features for you

The Animus Home system is built to fulfill the needs for both developers and regular users. It is a system that acts like a living organism, adapting itself to the user’s need.

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Finds easily

Easily find your smart home products through the app.

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Voice Control

Control your smart home with the voice. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Right out of the box you can automate your devices with the automations function.

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Private network

Minimize the risk of system failure by running everything on the Animus Heart locally.

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Remote access

You can still access your devices if you are away from home, just as safe.

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Speaks to many

The Animus Heart is boosted with the most common protocols, giving access to thousands of smart devices. It supports devices on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and RF 433 MHz.

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