Meet Animus Heart

A smart home with freedom

Animus Heart is a complete home system for all your smart home products, may it be a simple sensor or a smart voice assistant. Everything is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core processor and managed through one simple interface. Data is collected and stored on your Animus Heart to protect your privacy. With the Animus Heart, your smart home also works without internet connection.

Powerful Hardware
For stability & safety
No Cloud Needed
Data stays at home
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Connecting different brands

Animus Heart is best used mixing different brands. It plays well with your favourite products, so let them talk to each other and simplify your day.

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Discover our compatible products

  • Z-Wave+ S2
  • Wi-Fi
  • BT-tech
  • 433 MHz
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Home background

Smoke detector

Get notified when smoke is detected.


Turn on the lights at sunset.

Motorized curtain

Open your curtains when the alarm clock goes on.

Door/Window sensor

Get notified when the window is open and you're not at home.


Let the music move with you.


Turn up the heating on your way back home.

Stay in control

Have your home the way you want it. Make lights react to motion and temperature adjust to your needs. Safety or comfort you are always at remote control to manage your smart home.

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Make your life a little bit easier

Animus Heart is there to assist you in your everyday routines. To make your life easier at home, at work and on your vacation.

Automate your daily routines with the #1 automation tool

Three simple steps to automate almost any of your daily routines.

When hand on devices
And hand on devices hand on devices
Then hand on devices hand on devices hand on devices

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