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Just like you, we have a developer's thinking. We understand the freedom and openness required, your desire to shape and reshape the applications of how a piece of technology can be used.

Everyone is welcome to join the Animus Home community. Become a developer and build your first hApp!

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Open your mind, create your dream

hApp World is the openness and freedom for you to shape your smart home. We believe in developers with a creative mindset and those who see the opportunities. We are merely giving you the tools you need to create whatever you like!

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Get rewarded

Build your first hApp and we’ll send you the official Animus Home Developer kit. Stand out as one of the smart home pioneer you are.

Desktop UI for simplicity

Manage you smart home from a proper desktop interface with the best overview options. Use the same desktop interface to create and share your hApp creations.

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We encourage developers to work together and help each other. Creating complex hApp automations can be tricky and that’s why we have opened a community forum where you can discuss problems that you run into during your development process.

Join our community forum to get help or help others

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Did you know that you can connect services as well?

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